Uno de los suburbios planificados de Miami de más rápido crecimiento, la ciudad de Aventura, está situada a 17 kilómetros al norte de la mayor ciudad de Florida, Miami - Condado de Dade, EE UU. Forma parte del área metropolitana de Miami.

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"... it is going to be an adventure," - the developers of the original group of condominiums of this city decided to use the Spanish word "aventura", meaning "adventure" in the name of the city under construction.

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Having begun to develop in the early 1970s, Aventura became an incorporated city in 1995.

By the way, the city was originally called Turnberry, and it was formed in a swampy area, but Turnberry has changed almost beyond recognition since its transformation into Aventura.

The former name was retained for the luxury Turnberry Isle Hotel. A special feature of the Turnberry Hotel is the location on its territory the Turnberry Isle Marina Yacht Club with an impressive number of yachts. The advantage of the hotel guests is the opportunity to use the yacht walking service.

The name "Aventura" was later used in the name of an elite shopping mall, a place with just ideal conditions for shopping, around which new urban buildings gradually grew. Built in 1983, Aventura Mall, the third largest mall in the United States, is a joint venture of Turnberry Associates and Simon Property, bringing the city a major source of income. Here are six large supermarkets and almost 300 small retail outlets. Aventura Mall is not only a place for shopping, it is the main attraction of the city, as many events of various kinds are held here.

To describe Aventura briefly, it is a quiet city with chic apartments in respectable houses and modern high-rises, surrounded by zones of complete comfort and luxurious relaxation with clean air and beautiful beaches. Beaches in Aventura create the feeling of a permanent vacation without any additional costs.

It is known that areas of South Florida are immersed in eternal summer. Here you don't have to wear a fur coat. The most pleasant months in Aventura are December, February, March, and the least comfortable months - August and July.

Aventura's convenient location allows its residents to get to the center of Miami in less than half an hour, to Fort Lauderdale in 40 minutes, and to the beautiful beaches in about 5 minutes.

Most people of Aventura drive to work alone, spending about half an hour on average. The average level of car ownership in Aventura is 2 cars per household.

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They say that all changes in the city over the past five years can be called magic. The cost of living in Aventura is 27% higher than the Florida average.

According to the U.S. Census estimates of 2020, the city had a population of 40,242 people. Median resident age is 51.9 years. The following ethnic groups of Aventura residents make up the largest percentage: White (Non-Hispanic) (54.9%), White (Hispanic) (37.9%).

Most common industries in Aventura are Health care, Professional, scientific, technical services, Real estate, Finance and insurance, Educational services, Accommodation and food services, Public administration.

It is noteworthy that Aventura has achieved relatively high ratings in the development of healthcare. In particular, the Aventura Hospital and Medical Center specialize in the mental health of the elderly and knee and hip replacement.

The Mobil Four-Star multi-level SPA is the best in all of the USA. Satisfying the tastes of the most sophisticated client is the task of this luxury and well-equipped center.

The high school graduation rate in Aventura is 12% higher than in Florida. The best school in the city is the Aventura City of Excellence School, with a score of 10/10 in the ranking. The other notable schools nearby are Aventura Waterways K-8 Center, and Virginia A Boone-Highland Oaks School.

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As for the local pastime, it is known that golf is very popular in this part of Florida, and the golf club of the JW Marriott Turnberry Resort is one of the most prestigious in the Miami area. The Turnberry Resort invites everyone to get a real delight from specially equipped high-quality 18-hole golf courses, where the PGA Championship is held.

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Music lovers, as well as the performers themselves, will not ignore the Aventura Arts and Culture Center, where you can listen to classical music, watch musical performances, and concerts.

Another place of entertainment with slot machines, card tables, and outdoor restaurants in the city of Aventura is a large entertainment center, Gulfstream Park.

It is profitable to invest money in Aventura real estate. In June 2022, Aventura home prices were up 20.4% compared to last year, selling for a median price of $458K.

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