Real Estate Company Vera Realty’s Results for 2022 and Projections for 2023

Vera Realty

For the real estate company Vera Realty, whose main office is located in Aventura (Florida), 2022 was a superactive, unusual year until, at least, the 3rd quarter, and then we witnessed changes in the economy, changes in interest rates, which affected the decline of transactions to 35%. The year has brought a lot of challenges!

Nevertheless, the experience gained and the changes for our team were positive!

Firstly, the positive changes are in the growth of the company: the number of agents in our two companies (Vera Realty and Vera Realty Referrals) has grown by 20 people to 86 agents. In 2023, a new goal is being set - to increase the number of people to 130 agents. The company has big plans for team growth!

Definitely, if you are looking for into this industry or have already got a real estate agent license, call us, and then, we will meet you for the interview and show you our training program, and would be glad to see you among the employees of our company!

Secondly, the positive changes are in sales. In terms of sales, 2022 was the best year in the company's history! In total, we have sold commercial and residential real estate in the amount of $ 150 million. This is a very significant result, which indicates the successful and effective work of the entire team. More than 300 transactions have been made only in a residential area. Many new directions, many new areas, many new platforms were promoted.

In the new year 2023, we are making plans to target sales to $250 million, and the company will work strong to achieve it. This will be facilitated by the strengthening of the New Buildings Department, which will expand the range of the company's offers to customers.

Thirdly, our location is out of competition. No matter what happens in the market, but we know, that there is a huge influx of people to Florida, who are looking for real estate, and they are moving and buying it in the sunshine state.

The trend of interest in real estate in Florida continues, and this creates demand for the objects sold by the company, so we can safely say about the current dynamism in the market, at least in the first two quarters of the new year.

Fourth, the company's strategy is quite flexible and thoughtful. Anticipating a decline in sales in the real estate market due to an increase in the mortgage rate from 2% to almost 7%, the company found appropriate solutions to the situation.

At the same time, Vera Realty experts thoroughly study and promptly respond to any changes in the real estate market, caused by financial, political, economic and other factors.

In real estate, it is impossible to follow only one specific strategy for the successful development of a company. The time requirement is always to search for new information, conduct systematic monitoring of the market and focus on more relevant areas.

The beginning of 2023 was really slow, but after mid-January there was a slight revival of the market, as evidenced by the activity on some of our listings. The company now has more than 100 objects for sale. People are calling us to find more real estate options, not only for buying, but also for leasing it. So, we believe, that rental market will be very strong this year.

A lot of people understand that prices have been rising for quite a long time and, perhaps, some objects will be put up for sale. We see that new ads are appearing, and if you are in the market for a sale, let us know, we will help you, especially in the area of South Florida.

2023 will be a strong year for us, we will work hard and adapt to new challenges! In real estate we like challenges, because our experts always find solutions for any task we face, in any direction of our business.

We hope that the review of the results of Vera Realty's work in 2022 and plans for 2023 was useful to our clients and friends!

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