Vera Realty Referrals LLC, offers you a
exceptional opportunity to earn income in the
real estate field by referring clients, through
your broker, to licensed Realtors®.

Vera Realty
Vera Realty

It’s that simple.

Whether you’re newly licensed and want
to get up the speed setting on your career
and you need a place to place your license,
there’s income to be made as a referral
licensed associates. Getting started
is easy, and the paybacks are incredible

Who can be a referral associate?

Vera Realty

Somebody working
full time in another
career who wants
to earn referral fees

Vera Realty

Somebody who
moved to a new
state but wishes
to keep their
Florida real
estate license

Vera Realty

Recently licensed
associates who
aren’t ready to
start in sales yet

Vera Realty

Deployed military

Vera Realty


Vera Realty

Somebody retired
from real estate

What are the benefits?

Vera Realty

No E&O Fees

Vera Realty

Earn income

Vera Realty

No Board Dues

Vera Realty

No Tech Fees

Vera Realty

No Supra e-Key

Vera Realty

No MLS Fees

Set to begin earning part of the commissions
as a Vera Realty Referral associate?

Vera Realty Vera Realty Vera Realty

Simply review the referral associate packet and provide the required documents listed

Associate Profile Form

Acknowledgement Form (Page 7 of Policies and Procedures)

Limited Buyers Clause

DBPR Form RE-11

IRS Form W-9

$99 yearly fee by check or credit card

Signing up is easy!